Pointe Accessories




Keep your pointe shoes in perfect condition

during warm up and off stage

Elastic trim securely holds the cover in place

Flexible knitting construction follows the shape of your pointe shoe

Natural breathable cotton

Anti slip safety sole

Shoe Ribbons

Types of Ribbon:




Directions for Sewing Ribbons onto Pointe Shoes

  • Use a strong needle and waxed dental floss instead of thread.
  • Be sure to stitch ribbons and elastics around all four sides, not just along the top edge.
  • Position ribbons and elastics all the way down in the shoe so that their bottom edges almost touch the sock-liner.
  • Sew below the binding so as not to interfere with the drawstring.
  • When the fit of the shoe is good other methods are rarely necessary such as: criss-crossing two pieces of elastic over the instep, trying ribbons through a loop sewn to the heel, placing elastics where they could irritate the Achilles tendon, or slitting the satin to thread ribbon through the sides of the shoes.

Example  A

  1. Cut 4 pieces of ribbon, approximately 22″ each.
  2. Find the proper place to attach ribbons by folding down the back of the shoe so that it touches the sock-liner. Use a pencil to draw lines at the creases.
  3. Place the back edge of the ribbon against the pencil line. The end of the ribbon should be all the way down by the sock-liner. Angle the ribbon so that it is on the diagonal.

Example  B

This method can help the dancer with a highly arched foot
and a very flexible ankle feel more support and stability.

  1. Cut ribbon into two equal lengths, one per shoe, approximately 45″ each.
  2. Find the proper ribbon attachment by placing the ribbon underneath the dancer’s arch while she stands flat in the shoe. Holding one end of the ribbon in each hand, pull it taut. Slide the ribbon forward and back to locate the highest point of your arch. Use a pencil to mark the inside of the shoe at the spot that corresponds to that highest point.
  3. Position the middle of the ribbon on the middle of the sock-liner at the place indicated by the pencil mark. Stitch the ribbon on both sides of the shoe, keeping tension on the portion that will run underneath the foot. When pulled, the ribbons will be perpendicular to the sock-liner and outer sole, rather than on the diagonal.

Example  C
This method can provide extra support and stability to dancers who pronate.

  1. Cut ribbon into 4 pieces approximately 22″ each.
  2. Find the proper place to attach ribbons by folding down the back of the shoe so that it touches the sock-liner. Use a pencil to draw lines at the creases.
  3. Position the outside ribbon just as in Example #a . Position the inside ribbon so that its back edge is 1/2″ forward of the pencil line. Both ribbons should be on the diagonal.





Pointe Shoe Pads

With Grishko®pointe shoe pads, adult ballerinas will forget what pain and discomfort are, while children who use inlays will never suffer from foot deformation in the future.

Moleskin-perforated -Supportive & Comfort

extra thin, can be trimmed to fit.

available in

perforated silicone,for better breathing, moleskin “new”  and  cotton covered silicone.

Made of special medical grade silicone, Grishko toe pads are so light and thin that you barely notice them. Easy to use and clean, they can be cut to size to give your toes maximum comfort and protection whilst still allowing good sensation. Silicone toe pads alleviate toe pain and irritation while performing and training, reduce pressure on the toes, help prevent blisters, corns, bunions and bruises, improve endurance for training and rehearsal-

Plain silicone or Perforated for more breathability.

Instructions for Use:
We suggest that if you do intend wearing GRISHKO Silicone Toe Pads, you take them along to your fitting to ensure an appropriate fit with the pads in place.

1.      Lightly dust pads with powder (talcum or body) both inside and out.
2.      Insert your toes into the pouch.
3.      Pull your tights on over the pads.
4.      Ensure the pad covers the toes without any creases.
5.      One size fits all. If required, trim the edges of the pads to size so that
———cushioning is provided only where needed and is not taking up
———unnecessary space.

6.      Put your pointe shoe on carefully, ensuring you load your foot centrally.

Silicone Mini Toe Pads

Mini Toe Pads

Hypoallergenic Silicone Mini Toe Pads

  • Made of soft, flexible, hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone
    that soothes and provides impact protection for toes
  • Durable silicone gel will not lose plushness or wear from use
  • Cushioning effect also protects nails and relieves discomfort——
    caused by uneven toes
  • Can also be used to change the size of a pointe shoe by ¼ of
    a size, for dancers that are between sizes or have
    uneven foot lengths
  • Fit snugly and securely into any Grishko pointe shoe, but may
    be trimmed with scissors if necessary
  • Will sit unnoticeably in the platform of a pointe shoe to help——
    diminish pain and reduce impact while dancing.

Grishko Cotton covered Slimline Gel Pads

Thin fabric under the toes, and slim gel over the tips & top of the toes for cushioned comfort.

Toe Caps – Leather

Fine leather caps to cover the tip of your pointe shoe to protect
and lengthen the life of your pointes.

Arch Enhancers

A high instep has always been the symbol of beauty, grace and flexibility, but an unreachable dream of many a ballet dancer. It is well known that the height of any instep is conditioned by the skeleton structure and depends on the muscle tissues of the foot. No physical exercise, even the hardest one, can make it look higher.

Grishko Ltd. has found a unique way out of the situation —
an Attachable Arch Enhancer.
It visibly improves or corrects the natural look of the instep
and makes its form more elegant.

The attachable arch enhancer is easily and quickly put on the foot
The attachable arch enhancer is invisible on the foot and does not  hinder the dancer’s movements.
The attachable arch enhancer protects the foot from scratches
caused by a contact with floor
Made of contemporary materials, the attachable arch enhancer
prevents from foot injury and skin irritation
Thanks to various sizes of the pockets and pads of the attachable
arch enhancer it is possible to find the needed size.

After use wash the attachable arch enhancer in soapy warm water
and dry gently.

Attachable arch enhancers are sold both as a set and separately:
sock or pad.

Socks* S (34-35), M (36-37,5), L (38-39,5)
Silicone Pads S, M, L**

*May be used as an instep fixing band
**Recommended for men

Pointe Shoe Bags




GRISHKO Pointe shoe


NEW- developed with ECO friendlynon-toxic

silica gel granules, with high absorbing properties,

keeping moisture from your pointe shoes, extending their life, use them after every time you take off your pointe shoes.

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