Pointe Care

Information for students from Grishko Oz


Firstly NEVER leave your wet pointe shoes in your dance bag!

After pointe class take off your shoes, remove any padding from inside the shoe.
Stuff the shoes with tissue paper, a towel or even newspaper, this will prevent the box from shrinking and or losing shape as the glue dries, place the shoes somewhere dry and airy, NOT your dance bag – a mesh shoe bag helps especially if you have several pairs.

Pointe shoes need 36 hours to dry.

If you are using pointe shoes daily you need a second or possibly a 3rd pair so that you can rotate, this will allow the shoes to get the required 36 hours drying time and the shoes should last up to 50% longer.

There are products on the market that are supposed to absorb the moisture.
These ‘pointe savers’ are placed in the shoe – some change colour when fully absorbed.
For reuse, you then micro wave them –  this would assist in reducing drying time.

* * * * *

Another idea:

“The other option to extend the life of your pointe shoes a little longer, is to use shellack. This should be painted on the outside of the pointe shoe toe area (the shoe must be COMPLETELY dry 36 hours), tip, pleats and box. Stuff the inside of the box with newspaper and fold in the ribbons. Place in a cold oven, setting the temp to 250deg and bake for 3 mins, turn the oven off and leave the shoes to dry out overnight”.

We at Grishko Oz have not actually done this, but have been told it works.

When pointe shoes have become very soft , it is best to remove the
inside shank, nails etc and wear them as demi pointes .