All Grishko pointe shoes are individually hand made in Moscow,
by expert shoemakers using natural, non-toxic materials.
You can also specially order vegan, coloured or customised shoes

see our Pointe Care Page

All available in sizes 1 – 8½

Latest Technological Advances

 We have been creating ballet shoes for more than 40 years.

Our expert cobblers and  scientists are highly  trained.

    We are constantly improving our technologies and use highest quality materials.      

This is why our shoes are so popular all over the world.






Floating on clouds!!

We are proud to announce the NeoPointe, our first pointe shoe
model available on  SmartPointe last.

Allowing us to satisfy nearly every dancer in the world.

NeoPointe Smart for fuller feet that are wider in the metatarsals.
There is literally nothing else like this pointe shoe on the market.

The shank is extremely pliable throughout to allow for perfect articulation.

The 2/3 Box allowing the shoe to offer unsurpassed comfort

during roll-through from demi-pointe to an en pointe position.

Soft microfibre lining

Pliable shank

2/3  Box

Adaptable Crown

Elastic Drawstring

NeoPointe- Smart

Platform: Wide
Vamp: Soft V, Medium
Sole: Machine-stitched
Wings: High

35th Anniversary

The other NEW pointe shoe by GRISHKO


Timeless Elegance

The “Tamara” model is crafted on our renowned Fouetté last, combining classic grace with cutting-edge innovation.  Sleek and streamlined fit, improved agility, and poise.

Platform: Medium
Supportive Shank

V medium Vamp

5mm lower sides
Sole: Machine-stitched

Soft microfiber lining adds additional comfort and prevents the shoe from sliding off the foot.

Elasticated binding

Easy roll-through technology

Developed for the high arch and fuller tapered foot. Usually, it’s Egyptian or Greek type of foot




Both models are made with lightweight MIRACLE glues giving memory effect in the box for utmost support and comfort-

Both have the new elasticated binding for ultimate fit and pliable yet more supportive shank with longer supportive wings-

– Both have antibacterial particles in the lining.

Both styles have the new latest microfibre non slip heel.

Victory is the broadest flattest platform & box made. Victory has U shaped Vamp , lower heel & higher wings.

Stream has lower sides and heel with double satin upper – wonderful for dancers with shallow squarer feet, pliable and supportive with a very flat platform

Stream Pointe



KATYA –  Canvas  or  Satin

        • Easy Roll up, elastic paste adapts to form of foot, retaining flexibility
        • Slightly tapered box with U shaped Vamp & Med  platform
        • Low sides & heel cuts to accentuate arch.
        • Slightly shorter shank, makes ease of dancing Contemporary styles
        • Pre sewn suede/leather toe platform- increases lifespan
        • Canvas is more breathable- longer lifespan




Grishko®   3007

  • Easy roll up onto demi pointe
  • Added microfibre heel molds to the foot preventing slipping
  • med wings for effective support
  • eco-dextrin glue adapts to feet form
  • softer insole and extra silent knot technology
  • an elegant and classic look
  • available in Pro with elastic cord, standard soft, med & hard shanks



Grishko® –  Dream-Pointe – 2007 Laste

U shaped vamp with drawstring
Widths 1x to 5x
FM or FH shank (flex)
orthopaedic thermoplastic shank
Higher wings for
better balance &metatarsal support

Professional & Senior students

For standard feet

Wider toe with inner stress fabric lined with memory foam

Heel 5mm lower

A new High Tech pointe shoe giving the Professional greater balance and flexibility.


Innovative model that provides flexibility and

resilient support.

The pre-arched shank gives extra

comfort and support to the arch.

Forefront padding and pillow like insole guarantee

added comfort and coziness.

Lower heel & ¾ shank  with high wings


Grishko®SMART POINTE  NEW  Laste

  U shaped med. vamp with drawstring
Widths 1x to 5x
Medium or Hard shank
 Side seam at arch
 lower cut heel  accentuate dancers arch


For standard feet

with longer flexible wings new microfibre heel -gives anti slip
An evolution of tradition this new technology is totally different giving
Ultimate Comfort and Flexibility.


Grishko® Releve Pointe Series

Accommodates Russian technique of “springing” onto pointe
which develops a more elastic foot and teaches concentration
of body balance on the one spot.
Releve are fully handmade.


Grishko® Releve – Fouette

Medium vamp,medium box and wide platform
Widths 1x to 5x
Soft, medium, hard or super-hard shanks  


For standard feet

Short or even
length toes

Normal heels

Preferred by dancers who wish to feel closer to the floor.


Grishko® Eleve Pointe Series

Roll-up to Demi-pointe.
All Eleve models are quiet and light with a pliable,
resilient, durable shank. Handmade with machine-stitched soles.


Grishko® Eleve – Miracle

U shaped vamp & medium box
Widths 1x to 5x
Special shanks Light medium & Light hard Forget about foot fatigue! No need to prepare your shoes! -soft velvet lining


elastic wings

Made with a drawstring

Good for dancers with
a developed pointe technique

Very quiet, light-weight-moulds quickly to your foot shape.
Nanotechnology has arrived with silver particles, to protect your feet.


Grishko® Eleve – Nova- & Nova Flex 2007 Laste

U shaped medium vamp wide platform and  medium box
Widths 1x to 5x
Soft, medium or hard shanks Easily rolls through demi pointe,flexible longer wings


For standard feet

Short or even
length toes

Normal heels

Double upper, longer supportive wings.
Quiet, light-weight with machine stitched suede soles.


Grishko® Eleve – Maya I

Medium box & wide platform Medium vamp
Widths 1x to 5x
Soft, medium or hard shanks Made for Australia with drawstring, light weigh, embracing the foot


For standard feet Short or even
length toes
Normal heels

Like Fouette
Quiet, light-weight with machine stitched suede soles.


Grishko® Eleve – Maya II

Deep vamp and
tapered box
Widths 1x to 5x
Soft, medium or hard shanks Excellent shoe for High arch, accentuates the instep


For hard to fit feet Larger toes or big
or 2nd toe is long
Good for narrow heels

Like Vaganova
Quiet, light-weight with machine stitched suede soles.


Grishko® Eleve – Elite

Not pre-arched,U-shaped low vamp, with broad,
flat box
Soft, medium or
hard shanks
Broad Flat Box, especially for “Giselle” shaped feet


Good for wide instep

Wide spread toes short toes or toes of even length

Normal heels

HANDMADE – gives optimal stability
For dancers whose feet are shallow in depth.


Grishko® 2007 &  Pro

Supportive vamp
without constriction
3/4 box with shanks: soft, medium & hard With draw strings


For all feet


Normal heels

New anatomical form which alleviates pressure on the first metatarsal.
Lightest weight, flexible and quiet.


Grishko® 2007 Pro Flex

Supportive vamp
without constriction
Widths 1x to 5x
3/4 box with shank S/M and draw strings
For all feet Grishko’s number one shoe just got better! Normal heels

New anatomical form specially recommended for performances
where”flexibility” and “quietness” are most important.


Grishko®Triumph & Pre Arched 

U-shaped medium vamp, with wide platform longer wings Soft, medium, hard or super-hard shanks Roll through demi-pointe
Non slip sole


designed for Diana Vishneva Double upper for more stability

5mm Lower heel

Ideal for dancers with highly flexible arches. Provides the
greatest amount of support possible to the metatarsal.


Grishko® Demi Pointes

Three Steps to your Dream
Novice Traning-Demi- Pointe Series

Grishko Company specialists have developed a unique range of children’s preparatory pointe shoes  -2007 laste

Allows for comfortable transition from pumps / slippers to pointe work.

The three steps are essential to train the muscles of the feet to be strong enough to rise up onto point without discomfort.

Children’s pointe shoes project, is one of the primary directions in the Grishko production.

We care about our young customers’ health. We know exactly what is necessary for children to become ballet stars. Obviously pointe shoes play a major role for ballerinas. That is why we would like all parents and teachers to know about preparatory pointe shoes.  Beginners can’t or shouldn’t work in adult pointe shoes immediately after they just have started ballet. Girls usually begin preparing to dance in pointe shoes at the age of 10 or more.   Students should become accustomed to wearing pointe shoes gradually,
with our “3 Steps to your Dream”

The right choice of children’s ballet shoes is a key to the futuredancer’s

healthy foot formation.


Three Steps to your Dream


Grishko®Exam Pointe 2007

Grishko’s Pointe shoe especially for beginners
preparing for pointe work or exams.

U-shaped medium vamp, with medium platform and a SOFT box These shoes have a
1/4 – ½ box andNO shank
Non slip sole
Lower heel

Soft Block

  provides transition from soft ballet shoe to pointe  

HANDMADE – provides perfect balance and placement
Has no shank and is not recommended to work on pointe.


Grishko®Demi-pointe – Alice

[interim between Exam & Demi/Novice]

U shaped medium vamp with medium platform
Allows for growing feet No pressure on forefoot
½ box shank with drawstrings
Can be used to work
at the barre


Flexible sole –
Soft flannel lining
on the top

Lightness due
to a new elastic glue


Allows for comfortable transition from pumps / slippers.


Grishko®Demi-pointe – Novice

Box allows for
growing feet
No pressure
on the forefoot
super soft & soft

Soft Flexible Shank

can be worn at barre or Centre



Available in 2007 style
Allows for comfortable transition from pumps / slippers.


All pointes in flesh coloured satin,but may be ordered in colours or canvas.


Pointe Shoe Shank

The dancer chooses the needed shank for comfort while dancing, so that the insole will support securely the foot arch. The shank upholds the “working heel”of the insole when the dancer is standing on pointe, gives more flexibility,assures easy transition from pointe to demi pointe and vice versa, etc.The hardness of the shank has no influence on the longevity of the pointe shoe.